The Highly Exalted documents the life of working cowboys on the last horsedrawn chuckwagon in modern America. Shot against the spectacular backdrop of northern Nevada, nine cowboys and their cook tell colorful stories of six months roaming the half million acre ranch where they work. These are some of America’s last true cowboys. They are horse-back specialists: men unwilling to do the haying and maintenance work and who are not looking for job security or a permanent home. The Highly Exalted presents a vestige of the past, a portrait of a nearly extinct way of cowboy life.

Directed by Kim Shelton
Produced by Kim Shelton & Bill McMillan
Cinematography by John Knoop
Edited by Peter Amundson

It’s an exemplary documentary that’s as entertaining as most features and as sensual as a satin sheet.

Berkeley Monthly

This affectionate documentary finds rugged poetry and rich humor in the lives of some of America’s last true cowboys.

Pacific Film Archive